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For the love of Dobbs - or when does a fan get a bit eerie?

Anyone who remembers Greg Dobbs as a Seattle Mariner has to be delighted by his success in Philadelphia - he was a guy who worked hard, never complained and took his lumps here.

And when he got a chance to play for Pat Gillick and the Phils, he made he most of it.

This was a guy who worked with outfielders on the off-chance he might be used there, and who copied every one of Adrian Beltre's drills at third base one spring.

Dobbs didn't figure to play in Beltre's spot - he simply wanted to be the best he could be at third base if the opportunity arose.

Seattle never quite figured what it could do with Dobbs, let alone what he might have done for them.

So he went to Philadelphia, became a more-than-qualified left-handed hitting third baseman and a marvelous pinch-hitter. And he helped get his team to the brink of a World Series title.

In Philadelphia, he's beloved - and at least one fan has begun putting up YouTube tributes, highlghts and a three-part interview.

If you're a Dobbs fan, why not become a 'Gregulator' for a few minutes. You can wet your obsession right here.