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LINKAGE: Some postseason news and a few other things

Greetings from the Wheatland Inn in Colfax, Washington. It's 10:40 on a Friday night and they say the life of a sports writer and a rock star are the same. While anxiously await Saturday's USC-Washington State football game - the same one in which WSU is a 43.5 point underdog - I thought I'd throw up some links.

Be honest, how many of you gave up on last night's Red Sox game? It's understandable. Is that loss the type of loss that the Rays can't recover from?

Red Sox fan and ESPN Page 2 columnist Bill Simmons offers his thoughts on the game.

How good was the game? It made a sabermetric believer like Baseball Prospectus' Joe Sheehan, for a moment, question all of that analytical thinking and believe in the magic of chemistry and other things that saber guys hate.

The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan offers up his column on the game.

St. Pete Times columnist Gary Shelton says the loss is just a bump in the road for the Rays.

Tampa manager Joe Maddon just wants his team and everybody else to "move on."

The Mariners asked for permission to speak to Cubs GM Jim Hendry, they were not surprisingly denied.

Why? Because they were giving him a contract extension.

Tigers assistant GM Al Avila, who the Mariners wanted to interview but we're denied permission, is happy with where he's at.

Brewers GM Doug Melvin, who some were hoping might be a late and darkhorse candidate for the M's job, signed a contract extension and then decided not to rehire Dale Sveum.

From the NLCS ...

Speaking of general managers for the Mariners, former M's GM Pat Gillick thanked former Phillies GM and current Astros GM Ed Wade for laying the foundation for the NLCS winning team the other night, this column by Richard Justice goes into it further.

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel left from the celebration LA to go to his mother's funeral.

This column by Phil Sheridan talks about Jamie Moyer's long journey to reach the World Series.

Elsewhere ...

Randy Johnson would like to stay with the D'backs but Nick Piecoro's story said it's not that simple.

The list of people that dislikes Scott Boras is pretty lengthy and has my name on it, you can add Gary Sheffield's to it now.