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Pat Gillick's boots are tough to fill, for any team

Pat Gillick has always been his own man, which is another way of saying he's a bit of an odd duck.

When he was the general manager of the Seattle Mariners, for instance, he was fond of mixing Hawaiin shirts and cowboy boots.

As the GM in Philadelphia, his fashion sense hasn't changed, nor has his ability to get the most from his staff.

Gillick's successes and failures are unique in the game for two reasons. When he succeeds, he credits those he works with - from assistants to secretaries. And when he fails, he takes the full heat alone.

The New York Times had a wonderful story on Gillick today, and you can read it here.

Yes, he'll be back in Seattle next month, whether his Phillies win the World Series or lose in the National League Championship Series.

No, he won't be the Mariners GM.

Gillick is a man worthy of admiration - from those floral shirts to his snakeskin boots.

He'll be missed in Philadelphia has much as he was everywhere else he's ever been.