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Morning at the St. Regis - and rumors keep popping up

Before heading into another mass meeting, baseball GMs and their assistants talked about rumors in the same way fans do – all wondering which were true and where some came from.

Among those floating here this morning:

Atlanta has cooled on one-time phenom Jeff Francour – he batted .239 last season – and is mentioning him in trade talks with anyone who'll listen. And in Oakland, where Billy Beane annually signs an almost-done verteran hitter (Mike Piazza, Frank Thomas), the Athletics are eyeing Jason Giambi, who the Yankees let go.

The Angels didn't pick up Garret Anderson's option, but now are hinting they may have the money to retain Mark Teixiera AND pursue C.C. Sabathia. If you're missing any money from your 401-K, apparently it's in Anaheim.

San Diego ace Jake Peavy, who had a no-trade clause included all American League teams, has waived it for the Angels and Yankees.

Cleveland wants a closer, and likes Oakland's Huston Street. The Cubs need pitching but – here's a surprise – manager Lou Piniella wants more hitting, specifically Brian Roberts and Raul Ibanez.

The White Sox, who traded for Nick Swisher a year ago, now say he's available again.

Toronto is trying to trade 32-year-old Lyle Overbay to Seattle, and meeting with a decided lack of enthusiasm. The Mets apparently have more interest in left-handed closer Brian Fuentes than record-setting right-hander Francisco Rodriguez.

All this, and they get free breakfast in a hotel that charges $7 for a bottle of iced tea ...