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GM meetings first report: Nothing happening - send more money

The country is going through tough economic times, but Major League baseball doesn't seem overly concerned.

The resort where the GM meetings are underway has rooms to rent from $300 to $500 a night - unless you want an ocean view or a suite.

As of this moment, the media room is set up for 60 writers and only one of us is present.

Parking is $24, coffee just a little less.

Ran into Seattle Mariners attorney and negotiator Bart Waldman - but only because he was lost in the immense maze that is this resort.

Meetings start about 9 a.m.

The media may arrive any day now.

Me? Think I'll break the bank and have a second cup of coffee.

By the way, for anyone who missed it or needs a chuckle, John McGrath's Sunday column was a tongue-in-cheek look at bringing back Junior - and a few other old Mariners.

You can read it here. And unlike anything in Dana Point, it's free.