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The long, strange saga of Ben Davis gets a little odder

For parts of three seasons, Ben Davis was a catcher for the Seattle Mariners, building a reputation as a player who looked great in uniform but rarely did much.

He'd come to Seattle from San Diego, part of a trade that Lou Piniella and Kevin Towers drew up on a cocktail napkin one night.

The Padres, Mariners, White Sox, Yankees and Orioles all had Davis at one point, but he hasn't played in the majors since '04.

The Cincinnati Reds have now signed Davis - as a pitcher.

At 31, he's going to try something different, and the Reds are willing to assign Davis to Class AA this spring.

And here's the kicker: His pitching coach there will be ex-Mariner Chris Bosio.

It's hard to hold out much hope for Davis as a pitcher, but this much is certain.

Until he's released again, he'll look spectacular in uniform.