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The 'Big Unit' moves on again, and no one will miss him

Randy Johnson is leaving the Arizona Diamondbacks and - as was the case with the Mariners, Astros and Yankees - he won't be missed.

That's stunning for a guy with Hall of Fame numbers like his 295 career wins.

In Arizona this season, however, Johnson berated his bullpen and young defense. After making a September start, the 'Big Unit' declined to make the rest of the road trip with the team.

When it became obvious he wasn't going to win No. 300 last year, he simply stopped caring - and stopped talking to most teammates.

That's what they're saying in Arizona, and among those saying it is columnist Dan Bickley, and you can read his thoughts here.

When Johnson wins his 300th, and he will, he will do it at the end of a magnificent pitching career - one that should have included friends throughout the game.

It won't, because he alienated managers, coaches and teammates with his self-absorbtion.

Once a clubhouse comedian and gentle eccentric, Johnson is now a dark, selfish, bitter man.

What you get every fifth day might be rock-solid. The tragedy of Johnson's legacy is that his teams got nothing in the four days between starts.