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Conference call with DeMarlo Hale

Alright, here's the scenario, I'm having computer issues (I know you've heard that one before) so if this post ends abruptly and without reason it's because I took a Louisville Slugger to my News Tribune Dell Laptop. It might be more frustrating than I-5 traffic on a Friday.

I didn't post anything from last night's conference call because, well, I had to leave it early because my dog "Yellow Dog" thought it would be a good idea to start barking in the middle of it.

Anyway, one thing that Larry conveyed in his story today, is that this process is far from over. Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik hinted said that some candidates might be back for a second round of interviews. And really, I wouldn't be surprised if he brings in another candidate or two outside of this list of seven he's released. He admitted that he's still receiving calls about potential managers, and I don't really think he's going to close himself off to just this group when another possibility could be out there.

He's being very thoughtful in this decision, so just limiting himself to these seven candidates would seem illogical.

OK, let's get to DeMarlo Hale, third base coach of the Boston Red Sox.

On the fact that none of the candidates have any big league managerial experience?

That's just a decision and a direction that they are looking at right now. I'm not surprised. I think that it's very nice for them to be open to many different types of candidates.

On his experience of being in Boston the last three years making him prepared to become a major league manager ...

I think it helps. Having the success that has been there in Boston, no doubt it helps, you understand the commitment and the sacrifice that it takes and the challenges ahead to win. It helps. But I also think that in this situation they want to hear your ideals. They don't want to hear the Red Sox ideals.

On competing with fellow Red Sox coach Brad Mills for the job ...

I respect Brad Mills a lot. He's a good baseball man. I think he is a very good candidate warranted of this position. There is nothing but respect for Brad Mills. I have shared some things there being on Francona's staff. We've talked baseball and among other things we've become friends. It's not weird at all.

On what he picked as a coach for Boston in comparison to his time managing in the minors ..

There's more emphasis on winning, the minor leagues are more development. I've learned from all places I've been. You learned a commitment that it takes. You see the challenges and you take what is important from you and you hope to apply it and put it into position.

On his impression of the Mariners ...

They've always played us good. So there's talent on this team. They've got some arms out there, they've got some position players that have the tools. They have the pieces to be a solid championship type club. Do you add pieces? Yes. You try to formulate a team so that you can get a certain type of production in certain places. You look at this park and it's pretty big. The defensive side of it, you definitely need someone who can cover ground in centerfield.

As you move forward, you start to look at your needs and what you need to compete. I can't sit here and give you everything that's going to take place because I don't. But you want pieces, and this team has pieces and you try to add to those pieces and move forward to make a very good team.