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Never too early to think about that Hall of Fame ballot

The Hall of Fame ballot isn't the kind of thing you glance at and fill out in an hour.

It deserves serious attention and thought, and it's not too early to start the process - the ballot must be mailed by Dec. 31.

You can vote for as many as 10 candidates, and the criteria includes integrity.

Want to kick it around, voice an opinion? Can't promise it will change my vote, but you now have my attention.

Here are the candidates this year:

Harold Baines, Jay Bell, Bert Blyleven, David Cone, Andre Dawson, Ron Gant, Mark Grace, Rickey Henderson, Tommy John, Don Mattingly, Mark McGwire, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Jesse Orosco, Dave Parker, Dan Plesac, Tim Raines, Jim Rice, Lee Smith, Alan Trammell, Greg Vaughn, Mo Vaughn, Matt Williams.

Now, if you want to read columnist John McGrath's votes - and a marvelous column on Rickey Henderson - just click here. Great read.