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A fond farewell to Joseph Jason Putz

Look, I know everybody has questions and opinions on the trade. And we'll follow up with that. But first let's take a moment to thank J.J. The guy was a class act, a true professional and always fair, honest and friendly to me. It will be strange entering a Mariners clubhouse without him.

More than that, he was good at what he did. I know this last season wasn't great, but I really think he'll have a strong season this year - unfortunately it will be with the Mets.

Here's some of his comments after hearing about the trade.

I wasn't surprised it was to the Mets because my agent had called and told me he had heard about them wanting me.

It's not the ideal situation, but having the two of us at the back of the bullpen will be pretty strong. I will not change my approach at all. I will close the game in the eighth and give the ball to Frankie. The Mets organization is built to win right now and that's new for me. We will have a very strong ballclub.

It will be tough leaving Seattle. Shoot, that was home for us for six years. My wife is taking it harder than I am. She has lots of friends there. A lot of people don't realize that something like this is harder on wives than the players. It will be fine.

It's always tough to leave Seattle. It's a great city, great fans. I've got nothing but great things to say about it. I had a great six years there.