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Putz, Morrow react to trade rumors

Ok, I got a hold of both J.J. Putz and Brandon Morrow today to talk to them about what's going on down here.

J.J. of course is well aware. He talked with the P-I briefly yesterday, and his friends back in Michigan have been keeping him updated on the speculation coming out of there.

Let's be clear about this, J.J. doesn't want to leave Seattle. He may be a native of Michigan (Trenton, Mich.) and he may have pitched for the University of Michigan, but his loyalty is with the Mariners, not the team he grew up cheering for.

"If you would have told me 20 years ago, I had chance to pitch for the Tigers, I would have said, 'heck yeah,'" Putz said. "But I've been with the Mariners my whole career and it's where I want to be."'

Morrow wasn't aware of the trade rumors about J.J.; in fact he was somewhat surprised. He was even more surprised when he was told of Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik's general statement about switching roles based on personnel moves.

"I do think that any type of player moves, whether it be signing someone, or trading someone, or bringing someone in, whatever you do to improve your ball club, has a domino effect, no question about it,'' Zduriencik said. "I think when the day is said and done, our job is to put the best talented players on the field in the position where they can have the most success. How we determine that is an ongoing process that will remain unanswered until we roll into spring training and realize exactly what this ball club is going to look like.''

Now, he wasn't being specific about Morrow, but his answer came after being asked if something could change Morrow's status.

Morrow obviously wasn't keen on the idea of switching back to being a reliever, but he's a team guy and he would never say "no," or as he pointed out, ""I don't know that I'd have choice."

Anyway, here's my full story that I wrote up for the website.