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WINTER MEETINGS 2008: Putz drawing the most interest according to Zduriencik

Alright, we just got back from a 30-minute media session with new GM Jack Zduriencik.

I'm going to post a few quick bullet points and then come back with some added detail.

* J.J. Putz has drawn the most interest from teams so far. Zduriencik said "several" teams have contacted him about Putz and his availability. So far he's heard the Mets, Tigers, Cardinals and Indians, but I assume at least three or four others have also asked.

* Zduriencik has not had any formal talks about a team trying to acquire third baseman Adrian Beltre.

* The same for left-handed starter Jarrod Washburn, Zduriencik said no team has asked about him at this point.

* With catching always being needed and the Mariners having a surplus, guys like Adam Moore, Rob Johnson and Jeff Clement have some value, but Zduriencik said he's not looking to trade any of his catching, especially younger catching, right now.

* Zduriencik said that Brandon Morrow's conversion to a starter will continue, but admitted that it could change if personnel moves were made. He said that's the case with any player. But as of now, they are looking at Morrow as a starter. If they trade Putz, maybe that changes.

* Don Wakamatsu and Erik Bedard hung out last night in Vegas and Zduriencik met with Bedard as well. They are all ecstatic about his progress.

* Zduriencik talked briefly about Willie Bloomquist, and said they don't have anybody on the roster like him in terms of versatility, but said little about re-signing him.