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Sean Green: Mariners knew what they needed and went after it

Asked who he was going to miss in the Seattle Mariners clubhouse, Sean Green answered immediately.

"Everyone," he said. "We had a great group of guys."

Still, that group of guys lost 101 games, costing a manager and general manager their jobs. And when new GM Jack Zduriencik made a three-team, 12-player trade last week, Green was among those the Mariners gave up.

"I was surprised. I think everybody thought J.J. (Putz). might be moved. But me? It didn't cross my mind," Green said. "I was shocked. It's changed everything. I'll go to spring training in a different state, on a new team, in a new league. It'll be fun."

Green, 29, Putz and outfielder Jeremy Reed are now New York Mets.

"I looked at the roster, and the only guys I know on the Mets are J.J. and Jeremy, but at least we'll have each other to break the ice," Green said. "I loved Seattle, but they needed certain things and were willing to give something up to get it.

"The Mariners gave me the opportunity to make it in the major leagues. I'll never forget that. Now, I've got to take it and move on. It wasn't that they didn't like me, they just knew what they needed and went after it."