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Resolution for a day: Love thy Mariners

Happy New Year. Six days in, how are those resolutions holding up?

If, like some of us, you took on a serious task with the New Year – like becoming a kinder, gentler sportswriter or quitting smoking – you've probably already broken rank and returned to sober mortality.

For anyone whose made and already broken a resolution, here's a chance to get back on the plus side.

For one day – today – resolve only to write something positive about the Seattle Mariners.

Take a moment and spend it in quiet reflection, then give us your best. Be Polyanna for a day. Maybe it's one player. Maybe it's the ballpark. Maybe it's something only you appreciate about this team.

Like all resolutions, this one can be broken tomorrow.

But today, let's fill the blogosphere with, like, positivity, dude.