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LINKAGE: Selig's getting paid, no love for Boras

We haven't had any "links" posts lately, or for that matter, any posts lately, as Marinersfan posted. Well, there really hasn't been a ton of stuff out there for a daily links look. But I combed the internet over the last two days to provide some.

OK, let's deal with a few Mariners things quickly.

The rumors of lefty Rich Hill possibly being acquired by the Mariners in a trade with the Cubs can cease. Hill was traded to the Baltimore Orioles earlier today for a player to be named later.

Also Larry Stone broke the news about Bobby Abreu and the Mariners looking at possibly a one-year free agent deal. The NY Times Tyler Kepner also checks in on the situation.

ESPN's Buster Olney caught up with a MLB player evaluator and asked about some of the free agents that are still on the market.

Here's what the evaluator said about Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr.: "He doesn't have power anymore; he can't defend anymore. For me, he's a spare outfielder. He can't catch up to a good fastball anymore. The only ball he can hit over the fence now is a breaking ball that comes into him. Even if he's cheating, he has trouble catching up with a good fastball. But he's a good person, and maybe you'd want him around your young players. One of the questions you'd have to have about him is this: If you bring him in and he can't play anymore, how messy would it be to release him?"

Jerry Crasnick had this column on Griffey coming back to the Mariners a few days ago.

Also Baseball America's Jim Callis did a chat with ESPN. One of the question asked about the Mariners draft this season, here's the response.

Mike (Seattle): Should the Mariners take Ackley, White, or Green? Ackley safest, Green highest upside?

Jim Callis: Seattle picks No. 2, and the assumption is that Strasburg will be gone. I'd take Green because up-the-middle athletes who can hit are very hard to find. Could be tempted by Ackley if he showed he could handle CF.

Green is USC shortstop Grant Green

Ackley is North Carolina first baseman Dustin Ackley

White is UNC right-handed pitcher Alex White


One of the first things you need to look at is how much MLB commissioner Bud Selig made last year. This story from the Sports Business Journal said it's over $18 million.

According to this story, Selig made more than all but three players in the major leagues last year. Not surprising all three were Yankees - Alex Rodriguez ($23 million), Derek Jeter ($22 million) and Jason Giambi ($21.5 million).

Ask yourself this question? What did Bud Selig do last season to earn $18 million. What he has done over the last three years to earn $18 million? Don't think for too long on that, you won't come up with much and probably go cross eyed.

And speaking of money, here's something fun to play with a little bit.

ESPN has this program where you can compare your salary to players like Mark Teixeria and C.C. Sabathia.

Apparently, at my current salary (which is none of your business), it will take me 432.69 years to make what Teixeira will make this season. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Speaking of money, let's get to some Scott Boras stuff. There seems to be an influx of stories on him in the last week.

Crasnick again has this story on Boras and how he's dealing with this slow spending offseason.

The Hardball Times, one of my daily websites to check out, had this story a few days ago on the truth about Boras.

Along those lines, The Baseball Analysts mention Boras in a post criticizing SI baseball writer Jon Heyman.

Another story that talks about money is this offering by the Boston Herald's Michael Silverman, who lists some outrageous contract perks for some baseball players. I believe Ichiro has few in his - an interpreter, a personal trainer, housing allowance of $32,000 per season, which goes up by a $1,000 each year. He also gets a new Jeep or Mercedes-Benz SUV each year. And of course, four round-trip tickets between Japan and the U.S. each year.

Let's stop talking about money and start talking more about baseball being played, live, today.

The Carribean World Series kicks off today in Mexico. It's a four-team round robin featuring teams representing Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. One-time Mariners midseason acquisition and all-around good guy Eduardo Perez is managing the team from Puerto Rico.

For those need to get their baseball fix, the games will be broadcast on the MLB Network. Here's the schedule.