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Twins say 'no' to a Washburn deal

Spring training looms ever closer, which means the hot stove league heats up - and rumors over the last week have had the Minnesota Twins interested in Jarrod Washburn. Again.

Turns out, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, that the Twins aren't interested. You can see their blog here.

Moving Washburn and his $10-million plus contract is a non-starter until or unless he begin to pitch well and someone has a need develop. The Mariners have no choice but to keep working the telephones. looking to move at least some salary.

But teams aren't foolishly tossingly money around, and what Washburn makes is more than what No. 4 or 5 starters are signing for now.

So, Jarrod remains a Mariner.

Last August, the Twins were willing to make a trade, but Seattle walked away from it. That's a mistake they'll have to live with.