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About that Griffey to the Mariners being a done deal ...

A lot of media types around here have said that Ken Griffey Jr. signing a free agent contract with the Seattle Mariners is all but a done deal. He'll be in Peoria next week for physical and then be ready to re-don a Mariners uniform.

I'll admit to being one of those media types. I basically said as much when I was on with Ian Furness on KJR on Thursday and I said it again this morning when I was on with John Clayton.

And now I, and several others, could come out looking foolish (not the first time) with this Griffey thing.

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick is reporting that the Atlanta Braves could be throwing a wrench into the Griffey-Mariners reunion party, by making a late play to sign Griffey themselves.

We had heard that Griffey's agent Brian Goldberg say before that a National League team was interested in signing him. But most thought it was just a typical agent posturing to make his client a little more wanted. But now it sounds like the Braves were that team.

Or it could be another case of an agent leaking some info to the media to make it seem like his client is coveted to enhance his positions in negotiations.