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In spring training, sleep is secondary

Sunrise in Peoria, a beautiful thing on the first day of camp.

At precisely 7 a.m. – 2 ½ hours ahead of any scheduled work, Carlos Silva pulled into the team parking lot ready to do a little extra. He wasn't the first player to arrive. And he certainly didn't beat the coaching staff.

Manager Don Wakamatsu was here at 5 a.m.


"It's the only time I can really work out," he said.

Work seems to be the order of the day this spring, at least on paper on Day One. How long the fervor lasts will be one of the stories of camp. And how long Wakamatsu can continue showing up a 5 a.m. – after meeting with team sponsors and owners for dinner – may be a matter of biology.

At some point, the man must sleep. You think?