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Gather round, folks, and meet the legend ...

Yes, he's here.

Ken Griffey Jr. is in the house, if not yet in uniform, and his stream-of-conciousness riffs are making everyone around laugh.

The tougher news for one Mariner, outfielder Mike Wilson, is that he was released to make room for Griffey on the 40-man roster. Seattle would love to resign Wilson, but his future is up in the air now.

As for Griffey, he is - as always - a magnet. From front office executives to clubhouse men, people kept walking up, shaking hands or getting a hug.

Junior had something to say to everyone.

Press conference? Oh, he'll have one about 1:30 p.m. (MST), then work out for coaches and Don Wakamatsu.

And tomorrow, he's just one of 62 players in camp. It just so happens that 61 other players want to see everything he does.