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Mariners can play little ball and long ball

After Miguel Batista failed to get through an inning and lost a 3-1 lead, the Mariners entered the third inning down, 4-3.

Adrian Beltre homered to tie the game.

Later in the third, Franklin Gutierrez - who'd dropped a sacrifice bunt in the second - hit a three-run home run.

Ronny Cedeno followed with a solo home run.

Granted, all this is coming against pitching that's not quite major league quality. But the Mariners are finding ways to score this spring - using little ball one inning, long ball the next.

This game won't show up in the Cactus League standings or in the official spring statistics. It is, however, another step down the path toward winning - something the Mariners wandered off last season.

The better you play, against any one, any time, the more confident the team gets. It's a long way from facing the Twins on opening day, but given the choice of winning of losing, which would you rather see?

After three: Seattle 8, Australia 4