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The Seattle Mariners, or a spring version of them

Another day, another Mariners lineup filled mostly with six-year minor league free agents, journeymen and guys who don't figure to have a big-league job in a month.

That's no insult – these guys play hard, and they're doing the best they can.

But the longer guys like outfielder Prentice Redman play, the more they're exposed as players who haven't made it for a reason. As Lou Piniella and other veteran managers like to say, most players cut themselves in spring training.

Here's the lineup, and – for the first time – it includes Mike Sweeney.

Chris Woodward SS (pictured)

Jeff Clement C

Adrian Beltre 3B

Mike Sweeney DH

Mike Carp 1B

Wladimir Balentien CF

Mike Morse RF

Prentice Redman LF

Reegie Corona 2B

Gabby Hernandez P