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It's spring - for better or worse

It's been the best of games, it's been the worst of games, and here in the sixth inning the Seattle Mariners are trailing Oakland, 5-1.

Jarrod Washburn was banged around for seven hits and four runs in 1 1/3 innings, hitting Jason Giambi twice in the process. Later in the game, David Aardsma hit Giambi a third time.

This is no game for sissies.

In the field, the Mariners have made two brilliant plays. Catcher Rob Johnson picked a runner off second base to end one inning, and shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt made a film-at-11 play to end the third.

Betancourt went way to his right to backhand a ground ball, then threw off-balance and still on the move – a strike to first base to get Kurt Suzuki.

On the bases, the Mariners have been less than brilliant.

In the fourth inning, for instance, they were rallying from a 5-0 deficit when Prentice Redman rounded second base too far and was thrown out. Johnson then stole second base, tried to steal third but broke too early and was caught in a run down for the third out.


It's spring. Bad things happen to good people. Weird things happen to all people. But expect the Mariners coaching staff to discuss aggressive base running and dopey base running soon.