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Mariners early lead leaves when bullpen enters

Chris Jakubauskas made the most of a spot start, throwing three hitless innings against Kansas City, and the Seattle Mariners inched out to a 2-0 lead.

Then they changed pitchers.

Left-hander Justin Thomas gave up three consecuive singles - two to left-handed hitters - then a three-run home run to right-hander Billy Butler.

Mitch Maier homere to right field later in the inning. Ouch.

Kansas City leads afer four innings, 6-2.

The Mariners have cost themselves a few runs, the most blatant when Ronny Cedeno broke too early from second base in the fourth inning with only one out, and was tagged in a run down.

Still, most disappointing search this spring may be trying to find a left-handed pitcher who can get a left-handed hitter. The Mariners haven't yet seen that fellow.