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Ichiro vs. Lincecum - a draw

Larry's got the M's and I'm over at the Japan-San Francisco Giants exhibition game. The much anticipated match-up between former UW standout and Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum and M's right fielder Ichiro Suzuki.

UPDATE: Ichiro got a hit in his fourth at-bat and Kenji Johjima came in to pinch hit and had an RBI single to right off of Alex Hinshaw.

The first at-bat goes to Lincecum, who sawed off Ichiro on his second pitch for a broken bat ground ball to second. After giving up a single to Hiroyuki Nakajima on a slider, Lincecum came back and struck out the next two hitters.

At-bat No. 2: Ichiro falls behind in the count and fouls off several pitches before working a walk from Ichiro. He later stole second. Lincecum left the game two batters later after walking another hitter.

This spring, Lincecum has pitched 9 1/3 innings, allowing no runs, giving up just two hits and striking out 11.

The Japanese media is here in full force with close to 100 people, but it pales to the 500 plus media members that covered the first round of the WBC in Tokyo. Because of the onslaught of reporters, Ichiro hasn't been doing interviews other press conferences and per WBC rules, reporters aren't allowed in the clubhouse after the game. Myself and Larry Stone have asked to speak with both Joh and Ichiro and Antony Suzuki, who works for the M's as Joh's translator, is doing the same capacity for the WBC and is trying to set that up.

Here's some video of Kenji Johjima taking BP earlier