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Look - there's a Griffey in the Mariners outfield

For the first time in a generation, Ken Griffey Jr. is returning to the Seattle Mariners outfield tonight.

No, it's not center field. And no, the game doesn't much matter.

But it is Griffey and make no mistake, this is an intriguing test of a 39-year-old player and his surgically repaired knee.

Junior has played five games this spring, all as the designated hitter, and is batting .143 with two hits and three walks - which puts him a month or two ahead of Yuniesky Betancourt.

What the team needs to know is whether Griffey can still play the oufield and be effective, or whether they need to make him a fulltime DH.

Not surprisingly, Griffey has an opinion.

"I'll be fine, I just need some time out there," he said.

Keep this in mind: Like most great players, Junior would do most anything to avoid embarrassment.

If he didn't really believe he could still hit, still field - still play baseball at a high level - he wouldn't be here.

Tonight, on FSN, you can watch and see for yourself.

Just like a decade or two ago, all eyes tonight are on Griffey.