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Yes, we have seen the mighty Ichiro

Ichiro Suzuki walked into Mariners camp for the first time this spring at 7:15 a.m., carrying bags of equipment and the smile of a World Baseball Classic champion.

Whatever issues he and teammates may or may not have had last year, the Mariners seemed genuinely delighted to see him - and catcher Kenji Johjima, who came in 20 minutes later.

Their arrivals were met by Japanese photographers, and the over/under on Japanese media in camp today is 50. Place your bets.

Both Ichiro and Joh got hugs from Felix Hernandez, Carlos Silva, Yuniesky Betancourt and other early arrivals.

Both spent much time thanking others for all the congratulations on Team Japan having won the WBC.

Ichiro looked across the row of lockers near his own and spotted the cubicles belonging to Ken Griffey Jr. - who wasn't in yet.

"Junior," he said. "That's trouble."

More from Ichiro will have to wait until he plays in the Mariners-Royals game today, works out afterward and showers.