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A little Adam Jones love from ESPN

ESPN's Tim Kurkjian wrote this story on Adam Jones for ESPN magazine.

Here's one of the quotes from the story ...

"[Former Mariners outfielder] Jay Buhner came up to me my first spring and said, 'Shut up and listen,' then he walked out of the room," Jones said. "John [Shelby] had nine years in the big leagues. Crow [hitting coach Terry Crowley] has been in baseball for like 50 years. They had finished good careers before I was even born. Why not listen? I'm a sponge for these coaches.

Look, every time I watch Franklin Gutierrez play, I jump a little more on his bandwagon, but if the Mariners could have kept Jones and Chris Tillman and still had everyone else to trade they could have done so much ... well, let's not think about that.