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GAME UPDATES: Tigers vs. Mariners, April 19th

It's a beautiful day here at Safeco and I can't tell you how much I love day baseball. I know that financially it makes more sense for the Mariners to have games at 7 p.m., but it wouldn't hurt my feelings to see the Mariners have some more day games on Saturday.

The problem is that if it's during the day, the game can't be broadcast on television because of the blackout agreement signed with Fox for it's game of the week. Look, that whole agreement is just idiotic, especially since Fox's game of the week is always seems to feature either the Red Sox, Yankees, Mets or Cubs. Also frustrating is people who have the MLB extra innings package are still susceptible to the blackout. Meaning I'm paying good money for a service that promotes you get all of the games, when it should say, you get all of the games unless they happen to be a Saturday day game and isn't the Fox game of the week.

MLB should just take control and say to Fox, "We're going to televise whatever games we want or we'll take our business to the four letter."

As you can tell his upsets me some, there are 30 teams in baseball not just the two that Fox determines it will show on what is a pretty hacky broadcast - i.e. Tim McCarver is death to my ears.

Let's have some day baseball on Saturdays, televise them games still so people can see it, and allow some people to watch baseball with the sun on their shoulders like it was meant to be played.

Ok, there's my mini rant for the day.

GAME UPDATES start here ...

Top of 1st

Silva has a little trouble giving up opposite field hits to Placido Polanco and Maggs "I need a haircut" Ordonez. But he gets out of it with no damage. It took 21 pitches to get through the inning, something to watch for later.

Bottom of 1st

Endy Chavez beats out an infield hit. I know it may be sacrilege, but I think Endy may be faster than Ichiro from home to first.

Top of 2nd

The Mariners turn a big 4-6-3 double play and Jose Lopez digs the short hop that Yuni fired to first on the play.

Bottom of 2nd

Yuni called out of the baseline on a double play that Polanco tried to tag him on

Top of 3rd

Ronny Cedeno ends the inning with a nice sliding stop on a ball toward the hole on the right side. He makes a play that Lopez could never even come close to getting to.

Bottom of 3rd

Make a great play, lead off the next inning --- with a homer, a deep shot to left. It's Cedeno's first of the season, Mariners 1, Tigers 0.

Top of 4th

Silva hasn't been sharp, but he hasn't been horrible. But he paid for a lead-off walk to Cabrera as he gave up back to back hits including an RBI double to Brandon Inge. After the double, his very next pitch to Josh Anderson was in the dirt and about a foot behind him. The extremely wild pitch allowed a run to score and then Jim Leyland ran the suicide squeeze with Ramon Santiago. Silva's throw was a little late and Jamie Burke couldn't block the plate to keep Inge out. Tigers, 4 Mariners 1

Bottom of 4th

Not much going against Porcello, who seems to have found a nice rhythm.

Top of 5th

Silva looks a little better than the fourth. But his pitch count is slowly building. It ends with 94 pitches, only 54 were strikes. His line: 5 IP, 6 H, 4 R, O K, 1 BB, 1 WP

Bottom of 5th

Mariners still can't get much going on Porcello

Top of 6th

I still can't seem to figure Mark Lowe out. One outing he'll look absolutely dominant like the 2006 season, and then he'll have outings like today where the fastball lacks movement and he gets slapped around and is all over the place with his fastball. Tigers up 5-1.

Bottom of 6th

Porcello cruises through the three hitters again.

Top of 7th

Miguel Batista works a quick innings, well sort of. I mean he still takes forever to throw a pitch and throws to first too much, but he does make it through without any damage.

Bottom of 7th

The Mariners have five hits, they should have six but Brandon Inge made a fabulous diving catch on Adrian Beltre's screaming line drive down third. Beltre's done it hundreds of times to hitters so somebody returned the favor.

Top of 8th

Yuni was well, Yuni at his worst booting back-to-back ground balls to load the bases, and then Batista makes it worse by giving up a double to Ramon Santiago that clears the bases. It's now 8-1 and the Mariners really don't have the pop in their lineup to come back from monster deficits like this. As columnist John McGrath said, their offense is kind of like the old wishbone offense in football, its great when you're ahead or the game is close, not so much when you are down big. None of the runs given up were earned for Batista

Bottom of 8th

The Mariners pick up a run on an RBI single from Endy Chavez, but the inning ends when Junior grounds out to first with runners on first and second.

Top of 9th

Shawn Kelley gives up a hit and a walk but gets out unscathed.

Bottom of 9th

Lopez gets a double to left. Mike Sweeney makes the Mariners first pinch hit appearance and gets a pinch hit. But nothing comes from it as Ronny Cedeno pops up to end the game.

Tigers 8, Mariners 2