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Mariners @ the White Sox - Game No. 20

You can count the in-house attendance for Game 1 of the double header in the hundreds, not the thousands.

It's always the case: an April game, not on the schedule, played on a week day, in bad weather ....

Put another way, if both benches emptied, then charged the stands as one, fans would be out-numbered. They may continue to wander in as the game goes along, but it will be getting colder.

We're off - 39 degrees and falling.

Patience, patience

Three innnings in, the Mariners have worked Chicago starter Bartolo Colon for 48 pitches - not bad considering they've had only one baserunner.

Chris Jakubauskas, by contrast, has thrown an economical 31 pitches over three innnings - and no White Sox batter has reached base.

Seattle's goal is to get Colon out relatively early and eat away at the Chicago bullpen.

After three: No score.

Bad time for a bad pitch

After walking a batter, Jakubauskas gave up a single to Carlos Quentin, then got the second out of the inning.

Two-run mistake.

A Chicago mistake

Rookie Rob Johnson doubled home a run, but Franklin Gutierrez popped out.

Betancourt - second pitch swinging - then popped out.

Luck is not his friend

Two starts ago, against the Angels, he pitched 5 1/3 innings, gave up two runs and lost.

To the ninth: White Sox 2, Mariners 1

One last shot

Pinch-hitter Mike Sweeney struck out. Beltre stole third base.

Final: White Sox 2, Mariners 1