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It's dry but chilly in Chicago, folks.

Adrian Beltre and Ken Griffey Jr. made an executive call and it was the stuff of genius.

The Mariners were scheduled to stretch and take batting practice on the field before Game 1 of today's double header. It is, by Chicago terminology, a bit cheeky.

Beltre and Griffey found a way to have the team take BP in the covered cages - meaning no pitchers had to shag in the outfield.

The White Sox never planned to take the field, so the move made perfect sense.

Now, about the two games.

"I think I'd rather be a pitcher than a hitter today," Don Wakamatsu said.

Reliever Brandon Morrow agreed.

"Not to many hitters are going to want to swing at inside strikes today," he said. "Once a pitcher is hot, he's OK. Hitters? I don't know how they keep their hands warm."

No, it's not freezing. It's not raining. It is windy, a swirling, brisk wind that seems to be in your face no matter where you are on the field.

The Mariners are now taking infield.

Most players are in stocking caps.

Here's the Game 1 lineup:

Ichiro RF

Chavez LF

Griffey Jr. DH

Beltre 3B

Branyan 1B

Lopez 2B

Johnson C

Gutierrez CF

Betancout SS

Jakubauskas RHP