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No Morrow today, perhaps a Morrow tomorrow

Closer Brandon Morrow is having what he calls his annual shoulder soreness - a pinch that causes a quick burst of pain when he tries to throw.

"I had it last year, and it took three days to clear it up," Morrow said. "I had it the year before, it took about three days. If I have a shoulder problem, it's always this."

Morrow last pitched Thursday, and said he felt the pain then, got loose and pitched. He said his velocity was down, and the next day he couldn't even get loose.

Today is his third day not throwing - other than a quick catch to test it. Morrow doesn't want a setback, and neither does the team.

"If we need a closer in the ninth, and I hope we do, it'll probably be David Aardsma," manager Don Wakamatsu said. "The creative aspect will be trying to get to him."

Shawn Kelley has thrown two consecutivce days, Mark Lowe hasn't pitched particularly well, so Roy Corcoran might act as a middle-inning bridge if the Mariners need one today.