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Mr. Branyan is playing, Mr. Sweeney is ready

For now, the who's-on-first riddle for the Seattle Mariners is over - tonight, it appears, he will be Russell Branyan.

Branyan is tentatively penicled in to play first base for the first time in a week and, should something during batting practice prevent his appearance, Mike Sweeney will play.

On Thursday, neither was available because of back problems, nor was utilityman Ronny Cedeno.

All were down with minor injuries, so catcher Jamie Burke played first base in Seattle's 1-0 victory over Tampa Bay.

Afterward, there was speculation centering around the disabled list. Not so fast, cowhands.

Branyan and Sweeney each appear ready to play, Cedeno will likely get another day or two off. And Burke will return to being the reserve catcher/emergency relief pitcher.