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GAME UPDATES: A's vs. Mariners, May 2nd

I have a feeling we could be seeing some runs scored today. It's a warmer day and hitters won't be afraid to swing. Also Outman - thought it's a small sample size - hasn't been great against right-handed hitters this season (.303 batting average) and the Mariners are rolling out a few of them.

Top of 1st

Well, as I said some runs were going to be scored, the A's manufactured one and Jack Cust drove a hanging breaking ball to the opposite field for a two-run homer. Not many swings and misses in that inning, and a lot of pretty solid contact. Could be a long day.

Bottom of 1st

Well, the Mariners get jobbed on a call to start the inning as Ichiro was clearly safe on an bobbled grounder at short. I didn't need replay to see that, though apparently first base ump Brian Runge did. Wak went out to argue, but he's pretty cool and calm. I wonder what it would take to set him off like this ...

Apparently pop-ups to third could also be an issue today after watching Bobby Crosby lose on a foul ball.

Top of 2nd

Jakubauskas looked a little better that inning, even a swing and a miss on a pitch.

Bottom of 2nd

A nice hustling double from Balentien, but not much else going on there.

Top of 3rd

Jakubauskas looking a little more settled. He got Giambi to chase on a good pitch.

Bottom of 3rd

Somebody might have to remind Yuni that Wak wants him to bunt for a hit every once in a while, not every time.

Top of 4th

Well, Jak gets out of it with the good old third and first move that I haven't seen since work since I was coaching legion baseball back in Montana. If the "31" was called from the dugout (which it often is) score one for the M's. Branyan also made a good play delivering a solid fake to second to get Suzuki cheating.

Bottom of 4th

Lopez with a lead-off single and Mike Sweeney with his first home run of the season. Outman just gutted a fastball down the middle - and though Sweeney may be old - he'll still crush that pitch. A's 3, Mariners 2

Top of 5th

Well the one-run lead went to two as Jakubauskas gave up a lead-off double to Gregorio Petit, who later scored on Ryan Sweeney's sac fly to center. Jakubauskas was lifted after the play, he threw 78 pitches, 52 for strikes. sean White comes in and gets a pair of pop outs from Giambi and Holliday to end the inning.

Bottom of 5th

Not much going on other than Yuni swinging at a pitch over his head.

Top of 6th

Sean White gives up a lead-off single but gets out of it.

Bottom of 6th

Jose Lopez leads off with a single, but is stranded. Adrian Beltre could really use a hit right now.

Top of 7th

Denny Stark is in for the Mariners. Nice guy, nice story. The guy has been through two Tommy John surgeries. He was also part of the trade that sent him, Jose Paniagua and Brian Fuentes to the Rockies for Jeff Cirillo. And speaking of Cirillo, he was here as a scout the other day.

Fast forward to the bottom of the ninth -- I'm skipping a rant about Yuni and his inability to hit the ball to the right side of the field which would have scored another run Ichiro's RBI single in the seventh.

Anyway, Kenji Johjima just hammered a solo homer to left off of Russ Springer to tie the game at 4-4 and then Gutierrez followed with a near perfect bunt for a hit. Bringing up, well, Yuni. And he gets a hit. Well, of course he does. But then Ichiro strikes out. Wait that can't be right, Ichiro strikes out and Yuni gets a hit? Lopez grounds out and we go to bonus panels. Why? Because I'm covering the game.

Top of 10th

nice inning for Aardsma.

Bottom of 10th

Beltre goes up 3-0, then swings and misses at the next two pitches, fouls off four and singles up the middle off off Gio Gonzalez. But he's stranded there.

Top of 11th

Miguel Batista is in, so this game will be decided quickly. You know how players have entrance music, Batista's should be the jeopardy theme song because the takes about that long in between every pitch. John McGrath and Kirby Arnold are timing him up here and its more than 30 seconds between pitches. Somewhere Steve Trachsel grins.

Bottom of 11th

I will not bring up the M's shortstop name in vain any longer, even though I want to rip my eyes out and jump up and down on them.

Top of 12th

Batista doesn't look too bad out there.

Bottom of 12th

Orlando Cabrera is pretty darn good at short. Of course, Sweeney isn't exactly Usain Bolt.

Top of 13th

Well it looked like Batista was going to get out of the inning - and survive a throwing error from Kenji Johjima, but his 2-2 pitch to Landon Powell was called a ball by Derryl Cousins. It was borderline. On the next pitch, Powell doubled to right to score two runs. Batista gave up another run on a RBI single from Orlando Cabrera. A's 7, Mariners 4

Bottom of 13th

Apparently Gio Gonzalez is feeling generous cause he gifted the Mariners a run, after forgetting how to throw a strike and walking in a run. I have no words for what happened. This game will not end, it will not end. Gio Gonzalez is a like birthday present that keeps on giving.

Bottom of the 15th

Gutierrez leads off with a single, Yuni tries to offer up sac bunt, but bunts it back to Dana Eveland, who promptly throws it away trying to get the lead runner. An absolute gift. I admire the fans who stayed, but booing because Ichiro is being intentionally walked is just dumb.

The War of attrition is over. Jose Lopez with a gork


Ryan Sweeney CF

Orlando Cabrera SS

Jason Giambi 1B

Matt Holliday LF

Jack Cust RF

Kurt Suzuki DH

Bobby Crosby 3B

Gregorio Petit 2B

Landon Powell C


Josh Outman (0-0, 5.23 ERA)


Ichiro Suzuki RF

Jose Lopez 2B

Mike Sweeney DH

Adrian Beltre 3B

Russell Branyan 1B

Wladimir Balentien LF

Kenji Johjima C

Franklin Gutierrez CF

Yuniesky Betancourt SS


Chris Jakubauskas P