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Turn Back the Clock Night will greet the '30s

One of baseball's more beloved in-house events is the Turn-Back-the-Clock night, where players wear the uniform of a simpler time - even if the baseball looks the same.

Tonight at Safeco Field, the Mariners will don the outfits worn by the 1939 Seattle Rainiers, while the Athletics will sport Oakland Oaks unifoms.

Fun? Yes, but tonight Safeco Field will try to reinvent itself as a 1939-era ball park, too. If you come, expect music from the '30s and an aura of old-time baseball.

No, you don't get a free bobble head doll or a bat or a ball, unless you happen to catch one.

It's just the chance to see Ken Griffey Jr. wearing flannels, and remember how long most of us have loved this game.

Gents, put on your fedora and come out.