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No decision on Silva yet, but there's another lineup

No decision on Carlos Silva yet, but that's not surprise. A day game after a night game doesn't allow much time for consultation within the organization - but it would be a surpise is Silva makes the next start when the No. 3 spot in the rotation rolls around in Texas.

Meanwhile, Ronny Cedeno is back in the lineup, giving SS Yuniesky Betancourt a breather.

The bullpen is rested, Jarrod Washburn is pitching well - all the Mariners need is some offense.

Oh, that.

Here's the lineup:

Ichiro RF

Franklin Gutierrez CF

Jose Lopez 2B

Russell Branyan 1B

Adrian Beltre 3B

Ken Griffey Jr. DH

Wladimir Balentien LF

Rob Johnson C

Ronny Cedeno SS

Jarrod Washburn