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Mariners at Royals - Game No. 28

Three Mariners entered the game with hitting streaks, and all six other players in the lineup didn't.

That gives you an idea how the Seattle offense is going.

Kenji Johjima (seven games), Jose Lopez (six) and Russell Branyan (5) are the streakers. The rest of the lineup stands at ... well ... zero.

And we're off.

It's little ball!

David DeJesus began the first inning with a bloop opposite field double, and Willie Bloomquist - yes, HIM! - singled up the middle.

Carlos Silva induced a ground ball double play from Mark Teahan, but DeJesus scored.

Silva hit Jose Guillen, Billy Butler just missed a home run - doubling off the wall in right field - and Mike Jacobs singled both of them home.

Just the kind of start Seattle and its beleaguered right-hander didn't need.

After one: Royals 3, Mariners 0

It's long ball

Mark Teahen found a Silva fastball to his liking and turned it into his fourth home run.

Jose Guillen just did get a grounder through the infield for a single, Butler grounded anoher single - precisely the kind of hits sinker ball specialists allow when they're a bit unlucky.

Garrett Olson is throwing in the Seattle bullpen, six outs into this one.

Mike Jacobs grounded a third single into left field to load the bases with no one out. Silva got a ground ball double play, with another run scoring, but at least that one was hit at someone.

Silva balked home Butler. There's not much more that can happen to Silva this inning, except perhaps being struck by a lightning bolt.

After three innings: Royals 6, Mariners 0

Good night, Mr. Silva

Olson on the mound to start the fourth. This isn't good news for Silva or the Mariners - his failures in the rotation likely won't look much better if he's thrown into occasional use in the bullpen, but Wakamatsu is about out of patience and options.


The Mariners loaded the bases with one out on a walk to Junior and singled by Franklin Gutierrez and Yuniesky Betancourt.

The chance to get back in this game?

No. Ichiro tapped back to the mound for a force at the plate, and Endy Chavez tapped back to the mound for the third out.

This one feels like a plug has been pulled, and it's only the fifth.

Royals 8, Mariners 0

There goes the shutout

Another promising threat the Mariners did very little with, but at least they're on the board.

Lopez singled, Branyan doubled and Beltre flied out deep enough to chase home one run and get Branyan to third base.

Griffey flied out to shallow center and Branyan inexplicably tried to score. For his effort, he was tagged out - in the face - by catcher Olivo.

Words and hard looks were exchanged.

In the sixth: Royals 8, Mariners 1

It's about over

Olson is saving the bullpen, allowing three runs in five innings of relief his first day in uniform.

As for the offense, consider this. With men on second and third base and one out, the Royals went to reliever Horacio Ramirez - yes, THAT Horacio Ramirez - and the lefty pitched out of it without allowing a run.

After eight: Royals 9, Mariners 1

It's over

Griffey reached base on an error, took second on a Gutierrez infield hit. Betancourt popped out.

Ichiro struck out.

No animals were injured during the playing of this game.

Final: Royals 9, Mariners 1