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GAME UPDATES: Rangers vs. Mariners, May 5th

Greetings and welcome through this afternoon sojourn of baseball. I can't believe but they are actually opening the roof at Safeco Field. After what I saw this morning, I thought there was no way. But the roof is opening and the rays of hazy sunshine are shining down of fellow ray of sunshine Erik Bedard.

Anyway, I was excited about the chance to cover this game. No not because it's day baseball and I get to sit next to my buddy Johnny McGrath during the game. Not for the chance to see Bedard pitch and see him glare oddly at some of the insane questions the TV people ask postgame, no it's because I get to run this picture ....

Simply one of the greatest player headshots in baseball or in the realm of potential serial killers.

And it's not just the one picture either, how about this ...

Anyway, GAME UPDATES START HERE (lineups below)

Top of 1st

Erik Bedard gets in a minor jam giving up two hits, but he gets Andruw Jones and Hank Blalock to pop up.

Bottom of 1st

Could be a big day from Ichiro, he came into today hitting .541 (20-for-37) against Vicente. So of course he pops up in his first at-bat. Easy inning for Vicente

Top of 2nd

Bedard again allows the lead-off hitter (actually Wlad probably should have caught that) to reach forcing him to throw extra pitches, but gets out.

Bottom of 2nd

Padilla is looking solid, and still scary.

Top of 3rd

Bedard looked like he was in a much better rhythm that inning. Of course no baserunners help that situation.

Bottom of 3rd

Not much going on, Johnson tried to bunt and Padilla threw Betancourt a curveball that was so slow it didn't register on the radar gun here.

Top of 4th

Great catch from Russell Branyan going, reaching into the stands and grabbing a pop up from the baseball player formerly known as Andruw Jones.

Bottom of 4th

Ichiro is the first base runner with a walk, but that lasts for about one pitch as Lopez grounds into the a double play.

Top of 5th

Bedard is rolling along nicely, he gave up a single, but nothing else. It's started to rain, but they waited a while to start closing the roof.

Bottom of 5th

Wlad breaks up the no-hitter off of Padilla. With the rain coming down there was brief pause as the umps thought about waiting for the roof to close, perhaps out of the complaints from the Rangers. But they didn't. On a side note, I was wide-eyed intern for the TNT back in 2000 when I covered my first game by myself and it was the day the roof didn't close and they actually had a rain delay at Safeco.

Top of 6th

nice pick off from Bedard to get out of the inning

Bottom of 6th

The at-bat Yuni had in this inning pretty much sums up every rant I've ever had about his approach. And if he was supposed to bunt, he sure didn't show it. The Mariners get a break though as Ian Kinsler can't handle Jose Lopez's hard hit ground ball and a run scored. Mariners 1, Rangers 0.

Top of 7th

Apparently my last update never went up (though not surprisingly with our blog software)

Anyway Nelson Cruz crushed a Bedard pitch into the left field stands, clanging off the steps above the visitors bullpen to tie the game.

Bottom of 7th

Not much going for the Mariners there. They get a lead-off walk, but Beltre hit into a double play

Top of 8th

A little redemption for Rob Johnson, he hangs on to Wlad Balentien's throw from left to stop the potential go-ahead run at the plate for the third out.

Bottom of 8th

Not much going on from the Mariners, Yuni sees all of two pitches.

Top of 9th

Aardsma comes in and makes things interesting, loading the bases with two outs and bringing up Ian Kinsler. But Aardsma battles back and strikes him out after falling behind 3-1. His last three pitches were 95, 97, 97.

Bottom of 9th

The Mariners have one hit, insert the the line from Major League -- "One hit? That's all we got is one bleepin' hit?"

Top of 10th

That was scary as Kelley went down after throwing a pitch. I'm thinking it might be an oblique muscle strain and the Mariners are down 3-1. Denny STark comes in cold and warms up and takes over but he gives up four straight singles. Stark didn't give up a single to Saltlamacchia -- he gave up a grand slam. It's now 7-1.

Bottom of 10th

The Mariners are now turning into an offensive juggernaut, getting back to back doubles from Branyan and Beltre to score a run.

UPDATE: Expect Garrett Olson to be called up to replace Kelley on the roster. Olson was just scratched his start today in Salt Lake City and he's probably on his way to the SLC airport.

Texas (13-12)

Ian Kinsler 2B

Elvis Andrus SS

Michael Young 3B

Andruw Young LF

Hank Blalock DH

Marlon Byrd CF

Nelson Cruz RF

Chris Davis 1B

Jarrod Saltalamacchia C


Vincente Padilla (1-2, 7.43 ERA)

Seattle (15-11)

Ichiro Suzuki RF

Jose Lopez 2B

Mike Sweeney DH

Russell Branyan 1B

Adrian Beltre 3B

Wladimir Balentien LF

Rob Johnson C

Franklin Gutierrez CF

Yuniesky Betancourt SS


Erik Bedard (2-1, 2.61 ERA)