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Here's a tip: Never go fishing with a left-hander

The Seattle Mariners piled into the clubhouse today, refreshed from an off-day that took them on various roads to rest and relaxation.

Ken Griffey Jr. went home to Florida, spent a day watching his kids at football practice and took the family to see the 'Wolverine' movie.

Mike Sweeney got a massage on his ailing back, and today is ready to play again.

And lefties Jarrod Washburn and Erik Bedard went fishing with Don Wakamatsu and his kids.

Everyone caught fish - Wakamatsu's daughter pulled in the first bass of her fishing life, and Washburn landed an eight-pounder, which he released after having his photo taken with it.

Oh, and Washburn and Bedard caught an alligator.

"We saw this six-footer about 30 feet off the side of the boat," Washburn said, "and Erik said, 'We can catch that.'"

Bedard, who used to go to spring training in Florida, had been around 'gators. Washburn hadn't. So Bedard cast his line in front of the alligator and slowly began to reel it in.

The gator followed, coming on faster and faster and took the bait.

"Once he realized he'd been hooked, he submerged, did a quick roll and that was that, he was loose," Washburn said. "But I grabbed Erik's pole, because I wanted to try it to."

Washburn, like Bedard, briefly caught the 'gator.

"He did the same roll, and then figured he'd had enough of us and went on his way," Bedard said.

Wakamatsu shook his head when he heard about the lads and their adventure. He'd spent his time fly fishing, enjoying it immensely, and leaving reptiles alone.

"That sounds go me like a very left-handed thing to have done," Wakamatsu said.