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Early batting practice in Minneapolis

Antony Suzuki is no Francisco Liriano, but he's left-handed, so he's throwing early batting practice to most of the Seattle Mariners.

Suzuki is the translator with Kenji Johjima, but he's throwing well - and about eight Mariners are out here four hours befrore the game.

One of them, Adrian Beltre, is getting a lot of one-on-one help from manager Don Wakamatsu - and others.

As Beltre was showing his stance to Wakamatsu, Ken Griffey Jr. came up from behind and laid his hands on Beltre's front shoulder, moving it inward a little.

It's a reminder that this is a team, not just a group of individuals, and they are trying to work out their troubles together.

Will it work? One game - even one win - won't answer that, but the effort to improve continues.

If, in the end, there isn't enough talent, at least one can admire the work ethic. This early BP - which started at 11:30 a.m. (PDT), was voluntary.

When it ends, the team will head in to the clubouse for a 90 minutes or so and then re-emerge, stretch and take regular batting practice.