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GAME UPDATES: Angels vs. Mariners, May 19th, Silva update

We were just given the update on Carlos Silva and his MRI.

Silva underwent an MRI exam on Monday and he has an internal impingement and fraying of both the labrum and rotator cuff on his throwing shoulder. While it sounds bad, it is common for most pitchers to have fraying of those areas from constant use.

The MRI results were reviewed by Mariners team orthopedic surgeon Dr. Edward Khalfayan. But as a precaution the results are being sent to New York for a second opinion from Dr. David Altchek.

We don't know the extent of the fraying. And getting a second opinion is also a pretty common occurrence.

(Line-ups below)


Top of 1st

Felix looking rather un-Felix-like in the first inning giving up four straight hits to start the inning. I'm still not certain where Lopez was playing on Torii Hunter's groundball to the right side. Felix didn't appear to understand it either. Anyway Angels get a 2-0 lead and Felix throw almost 30 pitches.

Bottom of 1st

Yeah, we've seen that type of swing a few times before, this one might not generate the same bat speed, but it still pretty darn smooth. Griffey with his fourth homer of the season.

Top of 2nd

A much better inning for Felix, though the Angels have shown they can and will steal second on Felix and Johjima

Bottom of 2nd

Ronny Cedeno with a two-run homer to give the M's a 3-2 lead. Hmm, wonder what Yuni is thinking.

Top of 3rd

The Angels aggressiveness costs them a run. After stealing second with ease, Torii Hunter tried to steal third as well and was tossed out with Kendry Morales at the plate, a few pitches later Morales hit a ground rule double. He was stranded at second costing them a run.

Bottom of 3rd

Not much going other than a Griffey walk

Top of 4th

The Angels get a run after a Gary Matthews walk and single up the middle from Howie Kendrick. Cedeno tried to make a diving play but couldn't come up with it.

Bottom of 4th

Joh gets an infield hit and Ronny Cedeno gets drilled by a pitch and Ichiro drives in a run with a single to the right side.

Top of 5th

Felix is leaving some pitches up in the zone and on the middle of the plate. He's paid for it with a couple of singles. A run scores on wild pitch, but really I think it should have been called a passed ball. Joh should have had that pitch. Jose Lopez commits an error at second to allow another run to score, it's now 5-4.

Thinking out loud for a moment, here's a question: Has Lopez played that much better than Yuni this season?

Bottom of 5th

The Mariners strand a pair of runners as Lopez as if on cue by that last comment, hits into an inning ending double play, swinging at the first pitch.

Top of 6th

Felix is done after a single from Izturis and a double to Abreu. Sean White comes in and cleans it up getting the final out ... Felix's line 5 2/3, 6 runs, 11 hits, thre walks three strikeouts and a wild pitch.

Bottom of 6th

The Mariners cut it to 6-5 as Johjima doubles to lead off the inning, Chavez sac bunts him over and Endy Chavez's grounder to second scores the run. Not exactly "chicks dig the long ball" but this is the Mariners this year.

Top of 7th

The Mainrers have not had 1-2-3 inning yet.

Bottom of 7th

The Mariners give the Angels a 1-2-3 inning though

Top of 8th

I really have no explanation for what Howie Kendrick was doing on that double play, though Cedeno did stay back for a moment like he might let it hop, but still, I don't think that's even justifiable as an excuse. Joh throws Izturis out on a steal, the Angels have certainly been aggressive. IT's helped them and hurt them tonight.

Bottom of 9th

The relieving trio of White, Lowe and Batista have done their job to keep the deficit only one run, but the Mariners bats have been quiet, Beltre has looked lost and Gutierrez and Lopez haven't been much better. They're a combined 0-12

And former Mariner prospect Brian Fuentes ends the hope with a strikeout of Ichiro to end the game... Angels 6, Mariners 5


Figgins 3B

Izturis SS

Abreu RFp

Hunter CF

Morales 1B

Napoli C

Matthews Jr. RF

Rivera DH

Kendrick 2B


Palmer (4-0, 3.38 ERA)


Ichiro RF

Gutierrez CF

Griffey Jr. DH

Beltre 3B

Branyan 1B

Lopez 2B

Johjima C

Cedeno SS

Chavez LF


Hernandez (4-2, 3.53 ERA)