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GAME UPDATES: Angels vs. Mariners, May 18th

Not much else to write ... but for MOO, who asked about Rob Johnson, he's fine. He's got a metal splint on top of his index finger on his throwing hand. Apparently there was a nasty and rather large blood blister on the finger that he had them pop yesterday. He'll probably sit out a couple days and be fine, but said that he could play if needed.

Top of 1st

No trouble for Washburn in that inning.

Bottom of 1st

Hold on a second, the Mariners got an RBI from the clean-up spot. After back to back singles from Jose Lopez and Ken Griffey Jr., Wlad Balentien hit a high fly ball to left deep enough to score Lopez, who tagged up on the play. Maybe it's not a three-run homer, but it's a run, something the Mariners didn't get from that clean-up spot all weekend.

Top of 2nd

Wlad Balentien delivers a "seed" into second to get Mike Napoli. Wlad has impressed me with his defense this year. He's obviously lacking the range of Chavez but he's not Ibanez either.

Bottom of 2nd

Well the Mariners get two runs with out hitting a ball out of the infield, in fact the only time it did leave the infield is when Mike Napoli picked it up on Ronny Cedeno's bunt and fired it out there. Three bunts, a walk and an error get two runs.

Top of 3rd

Well, Washburn gives up a run on a Chone Figgins double, that might have been negated had Branyan been able to hang on for a tough catch on foul pop up near the dugout.

Bottom of 3rd

Not much going there ...

Top of 4th

Washburn coasting along nicely ...

Bottom of 4th

Russell Branyan with a moonshot of a homer to right, his 10th of the season. I have never seen someone who hits home runs that high. They look like pop ups that just keep carrying.

Top of 5th

Well that inning wasn't too much as Washburn got squeezed a little by home plate umpire Dana DeMuth before Juan Rivera hit the home run. The other issue though is that Washburn was leaving the ball up in the strikezone and he simply can't afford to do that.

Bottom of 5th

Ichiro extends his hitting streak to 12 games with an infield single. And Griffey later drives him, going with an outside pitch and driving it up the middle, similar to his first at-bat.

Top of 6th

Well, Brandon Morrow continues to struggle he's gave up a hit to Juan Rivera and then Kendry Morales crushed a 96 mph fastball to center for a home run. Morrow got hit around pretty good that inning, he's also started going from the full wind-up again.

Bottom of 6th

Mariners get a run back as Branyan leads off with a double and he later scores on Gutierrez's sac fly.

Top of 7th

Morrow again works himself into so me trouble with a walk and a single but gets out of it.

Bottom of 7th

A quick and quiet inning.

Top of 8th

Kendry Morales' absolutely punishes a ball out of the park for a solo blast off of Denny Stark.

Bottom of 8th.