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Mariners vs. Red Sox: It's Game No. 36!

Larry the Cable Guy is gone, and it didn't look like his bat would have helped the Seattle offense.

What will?

Well, Wladimir Balentien is batting fifth for the first time this season, Yuniesky Betancourt is back at shortstop - and he's batting .571 against Jon Lester.

Now, if Chris Jakubauskas can hold Boston.

We'll find out.

That's not fair

The Red Sox offense is a formidible one, but here in the first inning it was also a lucky one - unfortunate for Jakubauskas.

Jacoby Ellsbury doubled, but Dustin Pedroia, fooled by a pitch, rolled to third and advanced the runner. Jakubauska then shattered J.D. Drew's bat, but he blooped a single into shallow left field for a run.

Jakubauskas got out of the inning without futher damage.

One hard-hit ball, one run.

Red Sox 1, Mariners 0

That's two

Jeff Baily singled and when Jakubauskas centered a fastball, Ellsbury hammered it for an RBI triple.

It was a mistake pitch, and the Red Sox feast upon them.

In the second: Red Sox 2, Mariners 0

That's four - as in E-4

Red Sox loaded the bases with one out an Jakubauskas nearly got out of it. Nearly.

He got a ground ball from Julio Lugo, but after taking Adrian Beltre's throw at second, Jose Lopez threw low to first, skipping it by Russell Branyan.

Instead of an inning-ending double play, two more runs scored.

Boston is slip-sliding away.

After three: Red Sox 4, Mariners 0

That's one back

The Mariners have been squandering opportunities tonight - or Lester has been making them.

Leading off the fifth, however, Ichiro hit is third home run of the season to get Seattle off its big zero.

To this point, the biggest surprise of the game is Yuni, who has walked twice.

Let's see, that was two walks in his first 33 games, then two more in four innings of his 34th game.

After five: Red Sox 4, Mariners 1

Now that's a rally

Weird, weird inning, but Mariners scored twice on a Franklin Gutierrez two-run single, then Ichiro's second home run of the nightscored two more and put the Mariners ahead, 5-4.

Why weird?

With one out, Betancourt tapped back to the mound. Lester fielded it and looked at second, where Pedroia was waiting for the throw.

Instead of throwing it to start the double play, Lester turned to first and threw out Betancourt. All the run-scoring followed that play.

Sean White now pitching for Seattle.

After six: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4

That'll work, boys

White worked a scoreless seventh. Mark Lowe - hitting 98 mph with his fastball - took care of the eighth.

David Aardsma got through the ninth for his fourth save of the season, and the Mariners improbably beat the Red Sox.

Final score: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4