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GAME UPDATES: Giants vs. Mariners, May 24th

Good to see my post about last night's game is stirring up some commenting and debates. Snydro, you are right, I don't pay for tickets, but I have on numerous occasions for baseball and other sporting events. I will admit that my job has kind of left me a little laid back when it comes to cheering or booing. I just enjoy being there watching a game. Whether I was born here or not, means little. I have my team's that I care for deeply and I really have never had the urge to boo the players. I've booed some umps in my day though.

But I respect people's passion nonetheless. And Snydro is certainly not without his passion or opinions - let's still try to keep them relatively civil on some level. The powers that be (way above my head) are very sensitive to that.

Top of 1st

Felix looks pretty sharp. He gave up a single to former Mariner Randy Winn, but other than that no issues.

Bottom of 1st

Yuni with a walk!!! I'm calling it, he's getting three this game. And Junior scores him with a home run to right on the first pitch he sees - it is fifth homer of the season and snapped a streak of 31 straight singles for the Mariners.

2nd inning

Meh, Mariners get a double from Lopez and Zito balks him to third and he's stranded there.

Top of 3rd

Aaron Rowand looks relatively confused against Felix.

Bottom of 3rd

Yuni walks again. I bet Mariners media guru Jeff Evans that Yuni would walk three times today and I'm 2/3 of the way there.

Top of the 5th

Well that wasn't much fun. Felix gets into a bit of a jam thanks to an error by Branyan and a walk, but he looks like he's going to get out of it getting two straight outs, only catcher Eli Whiteside singles to keep things going. Whiteside woke up this morning in Iowa. Yes, Iowa. He was called up today, woke up in Iowa, flew to Seattle and got a police escort to the game. He was needed after Pablo Sandoval hurt his arm last night.

From there, the Giants added two more runs as Felix got really fastball heavy and the Giants got a few singles.

Bottom of the 5th

Not to pat myself on the back, but after the Mariners got the first two runners on and Yuni sac bunted them into scoring position, as Beltre walked to the plated. I looked at John McGrath and Jeff Evans and said, "Yard" as in Beltre was going yard. And he did. It was his first homer since May 9th.

The Mariners have a 5-3 lead.

Top of 6th

Felix seemed rejuvenated by the Beltre homer and looks much better on the mound. He rolled through the sixth.

Top of 7th

Felix allows a few hits, but gets out of the inning. He's at 95 pitches, but nobody is up in the bullpen for the Ms. Dave8557 has to be happy about that.