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GAME UPDATES: Giants vs. Mariners, May 23rd

Sorry for the delayed start to the game updates, but it really hasn't been that exciting so far.

The biggest news would be Adrian Beltre singling in his first at-bat. Before the game manager Don Wakamatsu talked about Beltre taking some of the "muscle out of his swing."

"It has a lot to do with his approach and using the some of the opposite field," Wakamatsu said.

Bottom of third ...

The Mariners have a lead!!! Hey you don't get to write that often, so I figure a few exclamation points might be worth it. Back to back singles from Gutierrez and Ichiro (extending his hit streak to 17 games) and a sac bunt from Endy Chavez and Adrian Beltre's grounder to second base allowed Gutierrez to score, not exactly Sodo Mojo, but the M's will take it.

Top of fourth

Garrett Olson walks Pablo Sandoval to lead off the inning. Sandoval doubled off of Olson in the first inning, why am I bringing this up, to tell you about Sandoval's nickname,..... they call him the Kung Fu Panda because of his rather large frame and belly and yet frightening agility and athleticism which we saw last night on this play.

Do you see the similarities?

Bottom of the 4th

Joh with a stolen base. His second of the season probably fourth of his entire career. But it matters little as he's stranded there.

Top of the 6th

I'm really not sure what Sandoval was doing there as he tried to steal second and was thrown out by 30 feet by Joh. Lopez caught the ball and stood there and had to wait for a few seconds before tagging him out. Hey Sandoval's nickname is the Kung Fu Panda, not the Flash. I'm guessing maybe it was supposed to be a hit and run and Bengie Molina - who might be the slowest player in baseball might have missed.

UPDATE from Tacoma --- Ryan Rowland-Smith pitched 4 innings, allowed one run, on two hits - one being a solo home run and struck out one in his rehab start.

Bottom of 6th

I'd write something about the Mariners offense, but there is none right now.

Top of the 8th

Tough inning for Mark Lowe, who gave up five runs on four hits. Of all that went wrong there, walking the light-hitting Emmanuel Burris might have been the worst. Lowe was booed pretty good by the crowd. THat's awfully what have you done for me lately considering how good Lowe has been of late.