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Padres not willing to part with Headley

There has been some talk about the possibility of the San Diego Padres trading for shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt.

One of the players mentioned as a possible swap is outfielder Chase Headley. The former second-round pick was perhaps one of the Padres best hitting prospects. But finding him a position to play in the field was a problem. They've moved to him to left field. He's started the bulk of the game there ... and that's where he's going to stay for the Padres.

I talked to a source close to the Padres, who said that Headley is off the table for trades. It makes sense, why would they give up a solid and emerging hitter and a guy under club control for the next few years, for a high-priced underachieving and regressing shortstop?

And infielder Matt Antonelli? That isn't absurd, but my source said that picking up Betancourt and his contract just doesn't make sense for a team trying to dump payroll (see every trade rumor surrounding Jake Peavy) and is in the process of changing owners.

Betancourt is owed $3 million in 2010, $4 million in 2011 and has a $6 million club option in 2012 with a $2 million buyout.

Yuni may be traded, but it won't be for Chase Headley.