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Mariners vs. Angels: It's Game No. 41!

Ichiro opens the game with a 13-game hitting streak - the 30th time in his career he's had a streak of 10 games or more.

He's also scored 899 runs in his career, and since 2001 onlny three players (ARod, Albert Pujols and Johnny Damon) have scored more.

The Mariners would love to have him score a handful tonight, but they're still struggling to find a consistent lineup that can give them production.

This is their 41st game - and their 36th new lineup.

It's Ervin Santana vs. Chris Jakubauskas. And we're off.

That was quick

Ichiro doubled to extend that hitting streak to 14 consecutive games, then scored his 900th career run on a one-out single by Ken Griffey Jr.

Junior now has 10 RBI for the season, getting him out of single digits, and his bat seems to be heating up.

After one: Mariners 1, Angels 0

Whittle 'em down

Jakubauskas retired 12 of the first 13 men he faced, gave up a double and two walks - and still got out of the inning without allowing a run.

In the meantime, the Angels are losing players. Vladimir Guerrero is on the disabled list, and after his first-inning ground out, Bobby Abreu left the game with a left big toe injury of unspecified seriousness.

Good pitching and a lineup that loses productive hitters? That's a combo that might help Seattle.

In the fourth: Mariners 1, Angels 0

Turn down the wind!

Jakubauskas has limited the Angels to two hits through five innings but hasn't seen his lead grow.

Why not?

The Mariners have only three hits against Santana - just one since the first inning. Part of it for both teams may be the weather. It's cool. No, actually, with a steady breeze it's damned cool, and hands get numb quickly in such an atmosphere.

Here in the fifth, Yuniesky Betancourt singled with one out, stole second and took third on catcher Jeff Mathis' throwing error.

The Angels brought their infield in, and Franklin Gutierrez struck out.

That brought up Ichiro, who popped out.

After five: Mariners 1, Angels 0

Batista time

Jakubauskas served up a six-inning reminder why he made this team, shutting the Angels out on two hits before running out of gas.

In the seventh: Mariners 1, Angels 0

One inning to go

Batista worked the seventh. Mark Lowe just worked the eighth inning - and the Mariners still lead, 1-0.

The ninth belongs to David Aardsma, and if can hold this lead, the Mariners will win their third 1-0 game of the season.

Pitching has been great, defense superb - this may be Betancourt's finest game of the season - and Griffey's RBI is the only run.

In the eighth: Mariners 1, Angels 0

Aardsma ends it

Mr. Aardsma pitched the ninth and has now one 9 1/3 consecutive scoreless innings with 11 strikeouts.

That's a final.

Mariners 1, Angels 0