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On Wakamatsu and Barry and, of course, Junior

Don Wakamatsu was telling baseball stories and, not surprisingly, Ken Griffey Jr. was among the listeners this morning.

Wak was talking about going to college with Barry Bonds, then meeting him again six years later.

"I finally made it to big league camp, and he'd already been an All-Star four times," Wakamatsu said. "The first thing he said when he saw me was, 'What took you?'"

Years later, the two ran into one another again, and Wakamatsu asked his famous friend for a signed jersey.

"He signed it, 'To Wakamatsu,'" he said, laughing. "Not 'Don,' or 'My friend'"

Griffey disappeared and, 10 minutes later, sent a clubhouse boy into Wakamatsu's office with an autographed jersey.

"To Wakamatsu," it read. "Best wishes, Ken Griffey Jr. - friend of Barry.'"

"You can't trust me with information," Junior said, obviously pleased. "Information is a weapon."

And Wakamatsu?

"I'm getting quite a collection of these now," he said, holding the jersey.