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Ichiro is more than consistent - on and off the field

Ichiro's 22-game hitting streak is his seventh of 20-or-more-games, which means he's been here before.

Asked why, his newest manager - Ichiro has had six - said it was an almost obsessive dedication.

"Ichiro has a routine, and it lasts from the moment he gets up in the morning until the moment he goes to bed at night," Don Wakamatsu said. "He prepares to play the same way each day, and he prepares to suceed."

Ichiro has always had, for instance, his own stretching program.

"In Japan, we were taught the value of stretching very early," Ichiro said.

From his school days to now, at 35, Ichiro has tried different excercises and, if they fit his needs, incorporated them into a workout that is unlike any other on the Mariners.

"No one taught me the stretches I do, I just found them through working out. I don't feel the same every day, so they are not the same every day. They vary," Ichiro said.

Hours before the team takes the field, Ichiro will be dowon the foul line alone, stretching. He may do it one day in the clubhouse, the next in the outfield. But he never fails to do his routine.

Same process, he said, should help equal the same results.For now, the streak goes on. When it ends, he will start another and continue his daily routine.