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7:14 -- The Mariners made their final pick of the day, selecting Ackley's teammate Kyle Seager - a 2B/3B - from UNC. That is all for the Mariners today. More stuff after I file my story.

6:29 -- With the 51st pick, the Mariners take first baseman Rich Poythress out of the University of Georgia.

6:01 -- The Mariners with the 33rd pick catcher Steven Baron. We talked about this earlier and DAve Cameron from the USS Mariner had said the Mariners had a pre-draft deal with him. He's considered to be the best defensive high school catcher.

5:16 -- The Mariners take Nicholas Franklin, a high school shortstop from Florida.

I really thought they were going with RHP Tanner Scheppers here, but they went shortstop. Perhaps its fitting on a day when Yuni Betancourt is sitting for the fourth straight game.

He's 6-1, 170 and has committed to Auburn.

5:06 --- Ackley and teammate Alex White were on MLB TV. And Ackley said he was surprised to be selected at No. 2. He might be the only one.

We are going to have a conference call with Ackley in about 10 minutes, right about the time the Mariners will be picking 27th, but you know what, we adjust that's what you do.

As Orian pointed out in the comments, I said Aaron Gibson, when I meant Kyle Gibson, Just a mistake of too many names at once.

4:55 Well any hopes that RHP Kyle Gibson would slip to the Mariners at pick 27 because of the stress fracture in his forearm have been dashed as the Twins take Gibson at No. 22.

Here's the last few poicks.

16. Diamondbacks: Bobby Borchering, 3B

17. Diamondbacks: A.J. Pollock, CF

18. Marlins: Chad James, LHP

19. Cardinals: Shelby Miller, RHP

20. Blue Jays: Chad Jenkins, RHP (

21. Astros: Jiovanni Mier, SS

22. Twins: AAron Gibson, RHP

4:21 --- Well, I've now cooled down since my temper tantrum.

Here's the last few picks

12. Royals: Aaron Crow, RHP -- Crow was drafted by the Nationals last season but didn't sign. He's been pitching in independent ball. It's a bit of a surprise that he's dropped this far, but it's a steal for the Royals, who are trying to build a staff around Zack Greinke and former No. 1 pick Luke Hochevar.

13. Athletics: Grant Green, SS -- Remember when there was some talk about the Mariners taking Green at No. 2 way back when. But he didn't have much of a year this year and there were some doubts that he could even play short at the big league level.

14. Rangers: Matthew Purke, LHP

15. Indians: Alex White, RHP -- the second UNC player to go in the first round.

The D'Backs have back to back picks here.

4:03 -- I've absolutely had it with this blog software. I write about three paragraphs on some picks and also toss in a joke about Bud Selig being dense and his haircut and it disappeared into the Internet ether.

How are you supposed to live blog when you have to wait five minutes before being able to edit the post? How? How? What if something important happens in that five minutes? Ok, that's my rant. We are supposedly getting new blog software soon. So I will shut up and apologize to the TNT for my ramblings.

Here's the picks that have transpired since then.

6. Giants: Zach Wheeler, RHP (

7. Braves: Mike Minor, LHP

8. Reds: Mike Leake, RHP

9. Tigers: Jacob Turner, RHP

10. Nationals: Drew Storen, RHP

11. Rockies: Tyler Matzek, LHP

I wonder if Bill Bavasi had any input with the Reds pick at No. 9. I'm going to say no, because I like the pick. I've watched Leake pitch a few times this season on TV and love him. Manager Don Wakamatsu and I talked about him the other day and Wakamatsu loved how he attacked hitters.

3:31 -- Jack Zduriencik is on the MLB Network right now, and he mentioned that he believes it will be a "short period of time till he's a big leaguer" when asked about when Ackley could be playing for the Mariners.

The Padres took Donovan Tate at No. 3, while the Pirates take catcher Tony Sanchez at No.4.

3:20 p.m. --- The Mariners take Dustin Ackley with the second pick. It's official. It's the right pick. And something that was expected since we were just handed bios on him, 10 seconds after the pick.

From the press release: "Dustin has had an excellent career at North CArolina and in our mind was the best position player in this year's draft," Mariners scouting director Tom McNamara said. "We feel we are adding a great combination of talent and character to our organization with this selection."

3:15 Well, that was anticlimactic ... Strasburg was taken, it's weird hearing a pick and not hearing New York Jets fans booing.

So Stephen Strasburg is going to the Washington Nationals. Rumors were that he was going to demand $50 million. He does have Satan, er, Scott Boras as his agent. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out. But I'm sure the dozens and dozens of Nationals fans are excited.

3:03 p.m. -- Obviously Strasburg will be taken with the first pick. Taking a pitcher with the first pick can be a dicey proposition. Joe Posnanski takes a look at this premise with on his awesome sports blog.

The host of this draft show -- I forget his name - yeah, his voice is already driving me insane.

Also, ESPN's Keith Law is reporting that the Pirates with the fourth pick will select catcher Tony Sanchez of Boston College. Sanchez was projected as a late first round pick, but supposed the Pirates have a pre-draft deal done, and he'll probably much less money than the fourth slot.

2:47 p.m. -- Well, we are here at Safeco Field awaiting the Mariners picks. I'm kind of trying to decide how to do this. I think we'll do it like we do the game updates, only I will list the time and keep the newest updates at the top.

A few things ... Baseball America which is largely a subscription site. However, it has a draft blog which is fantastic and free. So that's a useful guide.

Their draft guru Jim Callis is set on the Mariners taking Dustin Ackley.