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GAME UPDATES: Twins vs. Mariners, June 6th

I love day baseball, but I hate that on Saturday's Fox gets to black out certain games in certain coverage areas, even for people with the Extra Innings package. The logic behind this drives me crazier than Vicente Padilla.

Oh it's Latin Beisbol Day here at Safeco. The Mariners have a rather large contingent of Latin Players.

Also I didn't mention this before but Yuni sitting for the second straight day, isn't just to get Ronny more playing time.

Top of 1st

Washburn faces three lefties and gets three outs.

Bottom of 1st

The Mariners get a ground rule double from Branyan and a walk from Junior but nothing else.

Top of 2nd

Ronny Cedeno with a nifty little pick to start the double play.

Bottom of 2nd

The Mariners go down meekly 1-2-3, the bottom of this order isn't exaclty an offensive juggernaut.

Top of 3rd

Washburn gets out of the inning by sailing a splitfinger off the backstop and then tagging out the runner out home on some good hustle from Guillermo Quiroz --- just how you draw it up.

Bottom of 3rd

Ichiro starts another hit streak with a single to right.

Top of 4th

Mike Redmond slices a double just past Ichiro to score a run.

Bottom of 4th

Washburn has now struck out Denard Span three times in the game.

Top of 5th

No major issues for Washburn

Bottom of 5th

The Mariners score! I don't believe it! The Mariners score! Just kidding. Anyway, Gutierrez beats out an infield singles and the scores from first on Ichiro's double to right field.

Top of 6th

Washburn gets out with only allowing a hit, but is done for the day -- he pitched six innings, allowing one run on seven hits with a walk and six strikeouts.

Bottom of 6th

Washburn doesn't figure in the decision. Since the Mariners can't score. So that's three straight starts where Washburn has allowed one run or less and won't get a win.

Top of 7th

Morrow gets in a minor jam thanks to a double from Alexi Casilla and an error from Jose Lopez. Wak goes to Garrett Olson to face Joe Mauer and he gets him to ground out to end the inning.